Folio can be your personal space to connect with colleagues, society and the working market.

What is Folio?

Personal space

Use it throughout your studies and beyond. You can publish your own content, classroom activities, assessable work…


Publish and share your content and check out other people’s posts. A socialization space that will help you learn among equals

Get professional

Folio uses WordPress, the most widely used open source content management system in the world. You will learn to work with the portfolio tool preferred by professionals.

What can you do with Folio?

By being able to connect WordPress with your virtual campus, it allows you to:

1.Show your work

Choose which content is private or public. If you make it public, choose who can see it: teachers, classroom students, members of your educational community, or everyone.

2.Label the contents

The ActiFolios allow you to link your contents with the activities of your classrooms. Use it to link posts from your Folio to teaching activities.

3.Learn by sharing

The Agora is a space inside the classroom where you can interact with the rest of the students. You will be able to share, see and comment on everything that has been tagged with a subject’s ActiFolio.

4.Fer lliuraments des del teu Folio

Submit straight from your workspace. The teaching staff will be able to enter to evaluate them and leave comments.


Due to its collaborative and global vocation, the integration of Folio into the work methodology of educational institutions offers benefits for the entire community

For students

Create a professional portfolio since the first day of studies.

Personalize an own space of representation, identification and empowerment, with freedom and autonomy.

Socialize in the learning process, being part of a global network.

Consolidate a network of personal and professional contacts in knowledge areas of common interest.

For teachers

Contextualize the transversal journey of students, beyond a subject.

Confirm the originality of the authorship of the works.

Energize the classroom and encourage peer learning & feedback.

Connect knowledge and educational activity with society and the working market.

For institutions

Strengthen the students’ sense of belonging to the institution and promote their autonomy.

Strengthen relationships between members of the educational community.

Value and maintain the link with the Alumni community.

Project to the world the potential of students, teachers and the prestige of the institution itself.

Shall we start?

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