What is Folio?


Folio is a WordPress plugin that connects you with your educational institutions. Folio allows you to learn to create websites while linking content with your university or institute. Work, share and grow by controlling your web space.


How does it work?


Connect with your institution through Folio and you will see how the teaching activities to which you are enrolled appear in your WordPress.content


With WordPress you choose to create your content public or private. With Folio you can also create permissions for your teachers, for the classroom or for the educational community.5 permissions to turn your personal website into a multipurpose tool!

  • Take notes and save ideas with the private permission
  • Share with the teaching staff so that they give you feedback, evaluate or help in your work
  • Make it visible to your classmates and learn, share and be inspired by what they do in your class.
  • Use the permission of your educational community and get to create your student portfolio, allowing the whole community to see your progress and potential.
  • But above all, remember that you can make your entries public, creating a professional portfolio that will help you share your learning results with society and position yourself in the world of work.


For institutions

For students

For teaching staff

Create a sense of belonging Create a space of representation and personal identification Contextualize the student journey beyond a subject and confirm the originality of the authorship.
Strengthen the educational community Socialize in the learning process Energize the classroom and encourage learning and feedback among peers
Give value to former students and maintain a link with the Alumni community Learn throughout life and create a professional portfolio from day one. Connect the subjects with society and the world of work

And now what?

Interested? Get in touch with us! 

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